How to Communicate Brand Values with Packaging

Packaging plays a big role in how you talk to customers, and it’s the first interaction points of brands. So how do you effectively communicate this to your customers? Well, here are a few things that you can do.

You can first and foremost use messages to emphasize the goals and values of a brand, for example, if you talk about protecting the environment on the site and you talk about the objectives on social media, but you have too much packaging, then that’s inconsistent.  You can also write the message on a piece of the box other than paper, and it will help showcase that you do care.

You should make sure that if you need to, you change the packaging material. It doesn’t always have to be costly, for a branding with boxes or the logo colors and messages are great and offer a good unboxing experience. Colorful tissue paper inside of parcels in a good way to really create the wow factor for finishes. Finally, if you have 0printed tape, you can also use this as a low cost ideal for the shipments, and this is a good way to make sure that you do have this, and you can experiment with different orders.

Regardless though, you can put various different means to communicate to others that this is your brand, this is your packaging. You want to do this, because this does help you stand out in the crowd, and it can make it worth your while, and it’s definitely worth it if you keep everything consistent, especially if you’re claiming one thing then do another thing. If you notice that you’re overfilling these packaging, or using the wrong boxes, that will communicate to others that you don’t’ really care.

Some don’t understand why packaging is such a big investment, and so important. Well, if you don’t spend time and effort investing in this, lots of time s people will see you as lazy, or you don’t give a darn about how your packaging ends up turning out. It also does add to the costs of your items, since many times, people will get items that are damaged and broken, and then it’s on you to fix it. If you don’t, then you can say goodbye to the costs of this, and you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re not communicating anything poorly.

Your brand matters and lost don’t even realize how important the packaging is for a brand until it’s too late. If nothing else, try to offer a custom packaging solution to your items and remember to keep everything consistent with the brand values and the wellness of it. With the right items, and the right awareness, you’ll be much happier off, and you’ll be able to, with all of this in hand, create the best and most lasting experience for others. Do take the time to provide the best customer experience that you can easily do.

How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Packaging

The impact of packaging is important to understand. You want to balance the area in a way where it’s sustainable, and they fit for purpose, but there are a few options on what you can do in order to create a more eco-friendly state of packaging.

First, start to use corrugated cartons and cases, for they can be one of the best ways t reduce this.  There may be scope for reducing this weight, but it definitely is really good.  Usually, a single wall board may replace the double wall material, but different flute options may give you a lighter case without creating issues with performance, and it’s also worth reviewing the dimensions and styles of your cases, since small adjustment can help with the different requirements, including the loading, transport, and storage options.

Next, there is a stretch film. There is a range of options here, and you can figure out whether or not they will lower the weight of this, and if the pre-stretched one will reduce the wastage. Is there any unnecessary overlapping of your current pallet wrap, and can automatic wrapping enable you to achieve the consistent levels of this? Well, it can, and if you can actually look over and see all of the different wrapping options can help with this, and it can make you really get what you want from this.

There are also protective products that you can use. While many people use bubble wrap, there are alternatives such as WrapPak, and this is a great option since they are perfect for the shipping of these items, and they are also completely recyclable, which means that they will help with protecting the transit of these products as well.  There are paper-based solutions that are also designed to help create variously chilled and frozen products safe and sound. It also has wonderful thermal properties.

Now, for mailing materials, you should try to go for something that’s available, and is recyclable. Lots of the paper mailers are actually resealable, and totally recyclable as well, and they’re contained inside the bag too, and they come in a different range of products too, so definitely keep that in mind.

Finally, you should try to look at other products, such as polyethylene, strapping, and sealing, which is used for reducing the environmental impact of this, and it comes with a range of gauges, materials, and formulations that you can choose to try.

Regardless of what you do choose, you should try8 to make sure that you have a recycled means for your products. There is a lot of different options to choose from, and packaging that is recyclable, and helpful for the environment can reduce your costs and the customers’ costs. There are so many options on this, and a lot that you can choose, so it’s worth checking out, and worth seeing for yourself whether or not you want to use this, and the options that you can choose.

Difference between blister, Skin, and Clamshell Packaging

Having the right packaging includes different categories, but what are the differences between the three. When it comes to packing, clamshell, skin, and blister all have unique properties, but let’s talk about each of them, and the benefits, along with downfalls and environmental impacts of each as well.

Skin is literally a plastic packaging that sometimes has a heat seal coating. The plastic substrate within this is heated up, and then put over the product with a cardboard backer, and from there, vacuum sealing is occasionally used to secure and ensure a good fit. The substrate will bond to the heat-seal that’s coated on the cardboard. The skin packaging does feel like a blister pack, but this usually takes the product shape, rather than being forced prior to using this. Typically, fishing supplies, meats, fish, hardware, and the like are essentially used in this.  The problem with these though is that it can be annoying to open up without the use of scissors, and this is the most troublesome to open, so remember that when you’re choosing one type of packaging.

Next is blister packaging, which is used in protecting goods that consumers have, perishables, along with pharmaceuticals. The main dynamic behind this is that it’s made from thermoformed plastic. The backer, or paperboard, aluminum foil, or a plastic substrate is applied to the back of this and used to keep the products inside.

The dual folding blister packs that come without a cardboard backer or a seal is known as a clamshell. This is good for protecting the products from damage externally, and other threats, including humid air, along with contamination for longer periods of time. The opaque blister packs are known for protecting products that are sensitive to the rays of the sun, so remember that when you’re choosing the type of packaging. These usually are good but the problem is that they tend to be found a lot in the ocean, but they do break down. They are the most eco-friendly of the three options.

Finally, you’ve got clamshell, which is essentially two shapes brought together. Have you ever grabbed lunch from a food truck, or even those places where you get hot food in them, then you’ve used clamshell packaging before. This is super easy, and they’re good for the environment.  Usually, you can burn them or recycle them, and they can handle a lot of goods. The one downside is they aren’t good at sealing and protecting freshness, and are very easy to puncture.

When choosing packaging, you have a few options here and there, and by choosing the correct options, you’ll be able to easily, and without fail, create the best and most worthwhile system that you can, and in turn, rate a better result for yourself as a person, and in turn, create a more rewarding experience in terms of processing and recycling materials.  You can choose the packaging that does best fit you as well too.

All About Tamper Evident Packaging

Tamper evident packaging is a safety and awareness factor in the industry. It features strong materials that will keep products inside, and it will also alert anyone of foul play. But what is it? Well, it’s essentially defined as a packaging have different indicators of breaches of entry that, if they’re missing, it will show that tempering has happened. This will prevent the product from being messed with and will help ensure freshness of this as well.

So what are the benefits? Well, aside from the obvious that they keep the product as fresh and of the highest quality possible, it also allows for the product to be much stronger and contained in a safer manner. From those induction seal liners to blister packs, these packaging options are great and help with keeping the product safe. If they’re messed with, the customer will then know not to use it, so it helps keep everything safer for everyone.

Close up of a human hand opening the tamper evident flap of a cardboard box. Focus on thumb area.

Some popular examples include the shrink bands, which are secured over ice cream lids, and usually, you have to cut or tear those off. If you see it’s been cut off or missing, then you’re looking at something that’s been tampered with.

Jarred foods and canned foods are another examples. They essentially have these security lids that when you do open them, they make a super loud popping noise. If you don’t hear the pop, chances are the product has been super compromised, so you shouldn’t be using it.  Do remember that when you’re choosing something.

They also are used for tapes to secure things. If you notice the tape is taken off, then it’s been messed with.

So what are the drawbacks? Well for one, these packaging endeavors can also make it harder to open up, and usually, it can be a bit problematic for users. Wrap rage is something that some people suffer from, and they will choose other products over yours if it’s too hard to open up. Tamper evident packaging is good, but the problem is, they tend to be a lot harder to open than other products, and people may struggle with them, so remember that.

It also has issues on the environmental levels as well. Lots of times, these are harder to recycle, and often they end up in landfills. But, more companies are becoming aware, and concerns are being made regarding these so it can showcase the impact of this on the environment.  Nowadays, more and more tamper-evident packaging has a means to make it easier to see if there has been tampering, and it’s good for the environment too since they’re fully recyclable. Lots of companies are jumping on that so they can provide quality to their customers, while also preventing any tampering that might happen.

This is one of the newest and best things that can happen, and if you’re looking to easily, and without fail, get the most out of this, you certainly can with this type of packaging.