Tips To Choose the Right Packaging

A product has to go through a number of steps from the manufacturing unit to the hands of the customer. One of the most important steps in this regard is the product packaging.

There are three basic components of a successful packaging.

  • Envelope or box
  • Cushioning or filler
  • Sealer

Choosing right box, envelope, or carton

While choosing the box, there are a few factors which need to be taken into consideration.

  • Product’s size
  • Amount of products which need to be packed
  • Weight of the product
  • Shipping method of your preference

If the product which you are going to pack is heavy, you will need to go for a high quality box, such as corrugated cardboard box. Moreover, you will have to see whether or not the box is capable of holding up when it is stacked in the pallet.

There are various shapes and sizes the corrugated mailers are available in. for instance, you can get a box to pack your books, CDs and DVDs. And to pack your art work, you can use cardboard tubes which are amazingly strong.

There are many types of envelopes available in the market. Each type is ideal for the packaging of a particular type of product. Make sure that you have selected right envelop to pack the product which you want to ship.

Right packaging materials to secure the products

Box or carton is not everything that you are going to need in order to secure the items. If you have not arranged adequate cushioning for the product packed inside the box, the product will collide and might get damaged during the shipping process.This is the reason that proper cushioning with the help of packaging materials is extremely important, especially for the products that are susceptible to damage.

If you are shipping fragile items, you are going to need packaging materials such as bubble wrap, foam packaging, and loose fill (packing peanuts). These materials provide ideal cushioning without adding weight to the package.

If you are packaging large fragile electronics such as LCD, you need to secure it using foam corners and edge protectors. These materials do not only absorb shock but they also keep the main item safe even if the outer packaging is damaged.

Securing the package

After you have put item in the box and filled the void, now you need to make sure that the box doesn’t get opened during shipping. The most famous sealer to talk about in this regard is the packaging tape which is applied on the ends of the flaps to prevent opening of the box during shipping.

The Importance of Quality Packaging Materials

Quality packaging materials are very important. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter whether you have a large business that deals with the shipping of a huge number of products on a daily basis or you ship products once in a while. Before you go out to the nearby packaging supply store to purchase whatever they offer, take a minute to know about the importance of quality packaging materials for your business.

High quality packaging materials are important to build a good impression of your business

Many people get damaged packages delivered on their doorstep. That is either due to rough handling or due to accidents that tend to happen during the shipping process. This is the reason that experts always suggest the use of a sturdy corrugated cardboard box or a virtually indestructible poly mailer for the packing of items.

However, it is not all about the sturdy box or an indestructible mailer. If you want to leave good impression on your customers, you will have to pay to the size of the box or mailer. If you are using a box which is too small for the items you are trying to pack, the box will burst during shipping. On the other hand, using an unnecessary larger box can build your reputation as a company responsible for generating packaging waste.

Protecting items using right materials

After you have decided about the outer packaging, now you will have to decide about the right packaging materials which are used to secure the products inside the box. It is a nice idea to use packing peanuts because they absorb the shocks quite amazingly. However, this loose fill can turn out to be quite messy, at both the company and customer’s end.

So, if you are concerned about the mess created by packing peanuts, you can consider other options such as bubble wrap, packing paper, polystyrene foam corners, and air filled pillows. The best thing about these packaging materials is that they do not add weight to the package. Due to this reason, you can reduce the shipping costs substantially.

Individual product packaging

Another packaging decision that you will have to make is how you are going to pack individual products in a packaging container. We can talk about the books here. Books have laminated our covers which are at the risk of losing their luster or appeal when the books shift around in a box while being in contact with the other books. In this scenario, you can use shrink film which completely covers the entire book. This film is tear resistant. It is an ideal solution if you are shipping multiple orders in one box.

All about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging is the manipulation of the atmosphere that’s within a packaged food, with the purpose of increasing shelf life for the product that’s within.  This improves the freshness and shelf life of all different foods including meats, cheese, and even fish, and it is perfect for perishable items. Often, they are packaged with the oxygen in place, and then later on its removed. So why should we use it? How does it work? Read on to find out more!

How it works is based on oxygen, and how it produces the lipid oxygen reactions, causing higher respiration on both fruits and veggies, which in turn is what causes a shorter shelf life. The presence of oxygen is in fact, what causes spoilage, and oftentimes, how microorganisms occur. If you reduce oxygen, replacing it with other gases, you can eliminate this, but you must remove the oxygen first, and from there, you replace it with the gases that won’t’ cause spoilage.

Usually, the gases that this gets replaced with are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen, and from there, nitrous oxide, argon, and hydrogen are used in differing amounts, and in turn they all work together to help reduce the microorganisms and bacteria that are in there, causing changes in the function and permeability of the item.  Inert gases are often the most common replacement, since they prevent oxidation, and that’s due to the low water solubility, and it prevents the package collapse by keeping the internal volume at a certain level.

So why use this? Well, you can keep food packaged away of much longer, improving the quality of the texture, and thenutrition within it, and it also helps preserve the chemical freshness. The processing of this is enhanced too, and it helps to thereby exceed the expectations of the customer. When it comes to awareness of the brand, providing consistent quality, and products that are fresh, this is a wonderful idea, and it allows for more people to enjoy foods, and benefit from them too.

Are there any downsides to it? Well, the biggest concern is the cost of it, especially since there are cheaper ways to package the food, and if you’re not worried about health and freshness, this might be a little bit too much, and other ways will save you money.  MAP is changing over time as well, and there are more and more healthier and fresher alternatives, at half the cost of the processed ones that are out there. This is a form of healthy packaging that doesn’t’ have too many downsides, and you can, with this, create better, healthier options for you. So, are there downsides? Not necessarily, but really it all comes down to cost at the end of the day, how much you’re planning on spending, and how much your company can, but this is a wonderful option if you’re looking for freshness, and if you’re looking to keep the food that you’re packaging preserved.

How to Choose a Packaging Materials Supplier for You

Lots of companies struggle with finding a packaging supplier, since many don’t’ know of the complexity that’s involved in this.  Here, we’ll talk about the major factors and issues to consider when you’re choosing this, along with the right questions you should be asking the sales reps.

First, consider the selection of materials and stock, and figure out if they have what you need in stock, and whether or not they’re open with the lead times for sourcing these. This is a very important question, because you want to choose someone that’s got a large amount of options for packaging, and keeps these ready for when you need it, and you should discuss the potential for an order program that repeats, so you can call these at different intervals, removing the potential for lengthy lead-times that hinder production. It’s the same with materials, and you should figure out where they’ll be sourced, and oftentimes the supplier will work with you.

Next look at price. Oftentimes, these change based on material, and you should understand that the quotes that are here are definitely competitive, and you should consider the different service levels. Figure out if the higher cost is worth it or not.  You should look for affordable solutions that are there and look at whether the high-value of order is actually cost-effective or not.

Then there is service.  Does the vendor actually grow when you grow? This is incredibly important that you choose various vendors that can show that they’ll grow as you do, and they’ll make an effort to understand the business needs.

You can oftentimes determine this simply by asking if they work with larger companies.  That way, you can figure out if they’ll work with larger-scale operations on the long term.

Finally, delivery. You want to make sure that they’ll deliver and deliver quality. You want to see that they have a track record that’s proven to work, so that you have the confidence that they’ll be around when you need it. Good suppliers will give you lead times without much issue.

You then want to find out how they differentiate from the competition. Ask them how they stand out, what shapes and graphics they use, whether or not they are willing to work with year-round products.  You should also discuss with them what the long-term goals are and find out whether or not they can accommodate for your needs. Do be prepared to talk to the vendor about this, since they’ll be able to support the business that’s constantly evolving. A supplier that works with vendors that are multiples is a big plus for you.

Do talk to vendors, and get the truth out of them, including what they’re like, and their ability to handle workflow. You’d be surprised at how important this is, and for those of us who want something that is reliable and good, this is the way to do it.

How to Package with an Environmentally-Conscious idea.

Lots of customers are willing to pay more and buy more if the brand is more socially conscious. Of course, if you have thought about creating this as one of the main focuses of the brand, then this is definitely a smart move.  Environmentally-=conscious packaging is the future, and one of the best ways to bring your brand to the next level.

But let’s talk about customized boxes, and how they’re sustainable, and great.

Making packaging sustainable and useful that’s eco-friendly and comes from recycled materials will impact the company.  You can actually take this further though. Not only can you use materials to make the boxes out of it, you’ll realize that the functionality of the packaging is important too. If you’re in a shop that sells flowers for example, folding cartons that people can use in their home for flowerpots is a wonderful one or creating a clothing hanger for products is another one.  You need to think outside the box with both form and function, helping to lessen the overall footprint of this, and since the ideas are incredibly original, customers will actually upload  these bad boys to their social medias, and if you encourage people to do it, this brings forth customer engagement, which with social media marketing, is the end-game for everyone.

So how can you tell if the packaging is educating the customers.  You oftentimes need to figure out the philanthropic side of this, and your packaging is incredibly important, in fact It’s just as important as your products, which is why that, in addition to considering the form and function, you want to focus on the brand’s message as well when choosing packaging.

Literally, it can be as simple as talking about the cause that you support, and the different ways that you can bring forth social justice to everyone.  You can even hold little essay contests, printing out the favorites, or just the winners in general on the exterior area of the box, and when you’re pulling the texts related to this, you should focus on how this impacts the overall design scheme of it all, and you’ll ant to double-check the back to make sure that you look to see that it communicates the brand message. Also, color plays a part in it too. Earth tones and a more minimalist look will definitely impact this, and you can also use stamps to support well-known causes on the boxes too.

Finally, include the social medias of your brands, so customers know ere to find you. Having this on there will get people interested in your packaging and improving the brand’s message.

All of these play a role in the future of your business, so make sure that you focus on the brand, and the message of the brand when you do this, so that you can figure out for yourself what you need to do next, and the different aspects of your brad that you need to focus on.

Different Innovative Types of Cereal Boxes

While designing a packaging for your product for children, you may realize it immediately that this designing work is quite complicated as compared to what you do to attract the adult customers. For instance, you will not find it very easy to make a cereal box attractive because your target audience will be pretty much concerned about how the packaging of your product looks like.

Well, good news is that you can look into the types of cereal boxes to decide which box is going to be ideal for you. Some of those types are worth mentioning in this regard.

Plain cereal boxes with logo and lamination

Plain cereal boxes are, well, plain but you will be surprised to know that you can design this packaging for the best promotion of your brand and product. Plain boxes usually have a lot of space on their outer surfaces. This space can be used for the printing of anything. It means that you can print whatever type of design you want. You also get freedom to select the logo size. If you have a capability to get creative while developing a packaging design, you will definitely find plain cereal boxes ideal.

Small cereal boxes

Cereal boxes can be of many sizes. Here, we are going to talk about small cereal boxes because they are quite attractive for the children. However, you may have to think quite smartly in order to develop a design for smaller boxes. However, you will get positive response from your customers after you develop this design successfully. Another reason for the small cereal boxes to be beneficial is that the parents wouldn’t mind paying less for the cereal.

Custom printed cereal boxes

It can be quite a daunting task for the manufacturers to select the best design sometimes. In this scenario, one of the most effective ways is to select the custom printed cereal boxes. This way, you will not have to think much about the design. The printing company is going to take care of that. However, you surely need to provide valuable input in this regard.

Die-cut packaging boxes

In some cases, you may wonder if there could be an innovative shape of the cereal box. This can happen with the help of an innovative folding pattern. That’s where you are going to find die-cut boxes a real success. Good thing about these boxes is that you can design your own folding pattern and cut the box according to that pattern. It will help you make a box of a quite innovative shape.

Sending Gifts Using Corrugated Gift Boxes

Many people complain about the damaged gifts. Items get damaged due to unwanted pressure when they are being shipped or transported to the recipients. In this scenario, the damage can be prevented with the help of corrugated gift boxes. There are a number of benefits that you can get from these boxes.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major features of corrugated gift boxes.

High strength

One of the major benefits of corrugated gift boxes is that they are quite strong. Their durability allows them to remain undamaged for a longer period of time; and this is one of the major reasons these boxes are in high demands by companies around the globe. These boxes are so durable that big companies like DHL and TCS use them to fulfill their courier needs. These boxes are ideal for the food packaging as well. More specifically, these boxes preserve the freshness of baked food items such as pizzas.


The feature that makes these boxes quite desirable is that these are very lightweight. It means that there is going to be a fraction of the addition in the total weight of the complete package after you will put your item in one of these boxes and secure the box after making a good seal. Even an increased sized box is not going to increase the weight of the total package. It means that you will not have to pay huge amount of money during a situation in which the weight of your package is a point of concern. Of course you are going to need to take care of the dimensional weight.


Another great feature of corrugated gift boxes is that they do not pose major threat to the environment. It is all about the degradability of this packaging material. And degradability becomes a point of concern when you leave these boxes in the open. In most of the cases, these boxes are recycled to be used again. You can reuse these boxes at your home as well. If the users could manage to retain the good shape of the box while the item in it is being used, the boxes can even be used for decoration purposes. Moreover, these boxes can be quite helpful in organizing things.

Even if these boxes are not used after the items inside them are used up, the recycling units disintegrate these boxes to make them fully usable again.

Some Amazing Benefits of Personalized Pizza Boxes

The richness and deliciousness of pizza is something to go for. Pizza lovers tend to find the best pizza. Although quality is something without which your pizza is not going to be sold, quality alone is not going to give you the sales. You will have to promote your pizza brand in the best possible manner. The marketing task can be given to the people who are marketing pros but the design of the pizza packaging is your own decision to make.

I am talking about the personalized pizza boxes here.Your brand logo and design on the box are the elements which can compel your customers to continue buying from you.In this scenario, it would be worth mentioning some of the personalized pizza boxes’ benefits.

Cost effective

While you may be able to save a few bucks while packaging large pizzas, mini pizzas are not quite profitable due to the price of the boxes. However, you can get personalized mini pizza boxes to save money in this aspect as well. These mini pizza boxes have enough room for the pizza add-ons such as ketchup and other sauces which are used while eating pizza.


Most of the pizza lovers go to the pizza shops to purchase pizzas. In this scenario, the safety of the pizza is not a huge concern for the brands because they have nothing to worry about after handing over pizza to their customers. However, they surely worry about the pizza safety when it is transported to the customer’s doorstep. That’s where proper packaging becomes quite crucial. And that’s where you can use personalized pizza boxes to ensure the safety of pizza while it is being transported.


Factors like moisture, dust and change in temperature can cause pizza to perish. Pizza boxes provide optimum protection to the pizzas in this regard. Pizza boxes come with the lids that cover the pizza while making a good seal in order to prevent any moisture, dust and change in temperature.


Pizza boxes are quite strong and reliable. After you have eaten the pizza, it would be a wrong idea to throw the pizza box away. You can simply use this box as a laptop stand, a puzzle box, a lunch plate, an artificial clock, or even a wall decoration if the box is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Brand promotion

Brand promotion is the major benefit that you can get with the help of pizza boxes. As mentioned above, you may have worked well to maintain the quality of pizza; but you are going to have to make sure that you are promoting your brand effectively in order to enhance your sales. That’s where you will need high quality pizza boxes to attract your customers.

Chinese Takeout Boxes to Serve Foods to Your Customers

You may have heard about custom Chinese takeout boxes.These boxes are considered ideal for packing and storing the food items. If you are a foodie, you would know the importance of quality and deliciousness of foods you purchase. And you will also have the idea how important it is to keep the foods fresh until you eat them. For this reason, you will have to make sure that the foods are properly packed. And this is where Chinese takeout boxes are of great help.

Chinese takeout boxes make the food serving easier

In this fast paced life, everyone looks for the quick options. Same goes for the foods that you eat. Sitting on the table and getting the foods out in the dishes can take a lot of time. This is where Chinese takeout boxes can be considered quite ideal. You can serve your customer the foods in these boxes. Whether they want to sit and eat in your restaurant or they decide to go out with the food, it’s entirely up to them. The best thing about these boxes is that a little unfolding can result them converting into dishes. You can even consider these boxes to serve foods to your guests during parties and events.

Custom boxes with logo

If you are running a food chain, you will want your brand, restaurant or food stall to be known all over in the market. For this purpose, you can use banners and other ways of advertisements but it is quite important to make sure that your customers can easily remember you after purchasing from you. For this purpose, you will have to use takeout boxes with logos. Your brand logo is your recognition in the market.

Recyclability and eco-friendliness

Since these boxes are made of cardboard, many people discard them after consuming the foods. but the matter of fact is that these boxes can be reused for a number of times after the first use. It is due to the lamination which prevents the transfer of oil to the cardboard.

These boxes are ecofriendly due to the fact that they are made of recyclable materials. You can simply hand them over to the recycling units and they will take care of it. The material will be fully disintegrated and then it will be able to be reused for the manufacturing of boxes once again.

Microwave and refrigerator friendly

If you didn’t consume all of food, you can cover it with the lid available on the Chinese takeout box and put it into refrigerator. The cardboard material will stay safe in the refrigerator. You can also put it in the microwave to heat your food.

Tips for the Perfect Packaging Solutions

In a world that’s moving far closer towards e-commerce, packaging is becoming the most tangible experience you can have. So how do you deliver the most important promise to your customers, that your package looks good? Designing the best package operation solution for your business, but fortunately, we have a few tips that you can utilize in order to make this easier.  You need to look at how this will work for the business, and working with suppliers that understand and also what will work for you are incredibly important.

You want to make sure your packaging fits the product and serves as a touch point for customers. After all, this is a thing that customers notice. This will reflect the business and a brand as well as the product quality. You want it to be functional, protective, and deliverable, and you should make sure it can all be shipped without any issues. While there isn’t a “perfect” packaging solution, there is always a solution that fits right in with the customers, and here are some tips to help.

Firs,t know the form and fill equipment need to be available, but they do offer a variety of packaging needs. You should figure out what type of packaging you need, since this will help with the initial design, along with downstream accessories for the system, which includes but not limited to pallets.  The form and fill are capable of higher volumes and speeds, but they’re not the only consideration. Faster isn’t always better, and while faster packaging is more flexible, you also will create much more waste.

Next, listen to the product.  Get the right type of packaging that fits the materials needed. If your product has varying sizes, you’ll want to consider a vibratory tray, and you need to consider gravity-begging machines. Auger machines are used for powders, flakes, and other material. You also need to figure out whether you want to be fast, or accurate.  You need to figure out which one is better. If you have the equipment to make it accurate, you will want to realize that it definitely will cause the speed to suffer a bit.  Choose which one matters to you more, and what your client needs, and do make sure that you have that in place.

Finally, don’t forget about your facility.  The right facility will help you with your products and customers, and you should consider housing the equipment, and the technical experience for it. If your equipment doesn’t fit in the warehouse, or it can’t be operated properly, this will cause more headaches than you need.

The right packaging will play a role in your future life, and you should make sure that if you’re selling a product, you always consider this, since it will help you with putting everything in place, and helping you with running the facility that you have easily, and with the right packaging for everything too.