Dunkin’ Donuts: The Packaging Timeline

When it comes to a combination of coffee and donuts, the name that comes into the mind before anything else is the Dunkin’ Donuts. This international brand started in 1950s when it was created for the purpose of offering construction and blue collared workers a cup of coffee and something to eat before they would start their shifts. Since that time, Dunkin’ Donuts has evolved into a brand from where everyone can get not only coffee and donuts but also full meals. However, company still focuses the people at work who are not usually interested in full meals during working hours.

In this article, we are going to discuss the evolution of packaging design used by the company.

The original packaging

Even the very first packaging design used by Dunkin’ Donuts was nothing less than a masterpiece from the perspective of marketability. It was much darker and quite compelling. The colors used in the packaging represented coffee and donuts very well. The signature element in the design was a doughy character, Dunkie, holding donuts in the hands.

The first design was complex. So it was replaced by a much simpler design which made Dunkin’ Donuts the real hit. This is the design quite similar to what has been there till the end of 2018. Back in the time when the packaging design was made simpler, it started getting recognition as a brand that would offer a perfect breakfast to the working people.

Dunkin’ Donuts Retro Pink

In 1960s, Dunkin’ Donutsswitched to a friendlier pink color. That was the time when Dunkin’ was going through major expansion. The pink color used at that time was quite bright for today’s people but it was something that looked quite compelling at that time.The pink color has a special appeal for the women. Since women in 1960s were joining the workforce, the idea of introducing pink packaging led to a huge number of sales for Dunkin’.

Classic Orange and Pink

While pink color was doing great, the representation of coffee through design was missing. To ensure this representation, Dunkin’ brought orange color in their logo for the representation of warm coffee in 1970s. This design change became an integral part of the packaging design; and it is still being used. That was the time when Dunkin’ also tried expanding their product line. The donut home treats, Munchkins, quickly became the consumers’ favorite.

Although Dunkin’ was originally made to serve the working people at office, it also started targeting the home-based customers by introducing cereal. However, this new expansion was not endorsed by the customers because they kept recognizing Dunkin’ for what it was made for.

New packaging

2019 is the year of further evolution for Dunkin’ Donuts.  The company changed their name to just Dunkin’. The reason is that there is a wider range of products now being offered by Dunkin’. So, keeping the brand name a donut specific one makes other products, somehow, underrated. The packaging design is still simpler, i.e. a combination of pink and orange. However, the huge portion of the packaging is white.

Types of Packing Tape for Product Packaging

While digging into the world of packaging, you will realize that is some always more that you can do to ensure safety of your product and make the packaging more goal-oriented. When you package the products, your main goal is to ensure protection of your product in a general sense. But then, you realize during the process that you need to further protect your product against certain factors.

This exactly what happens when you want to decide about the right packing tape. And so, picking the right packing tape is nothing less than a challenge.

In this article, we are going to discuss some types of packing tapes which you can use to secure the product packaging.

Carton sealing packing tape

This packing tape consists of a plastic liner with one side of the liner holding the adhesive layer. And what’s more important to note here is that this tape is an absolute perfection when it comes to strength in adhesion. This is the kind of tape which you want to use to secure the boxes which have to be shipped through harsh shipping environments.

If you are packaging shipments for the regular customer orders and you don’t have special requirements, such as for temperature variations or risk of theft, carton sealing tape is the ideal option you can go for.

Cold temperature packing tape

The carton sealing tape has the adhesive layer which is made to stick in most of the conditions. But if you are shipping products to the cold locations, extreme low temperatures can cause the tape to lose hold of the surface. It is never a good thing for the safety of package. In such situations, the tape that you can use is cold temperature packing tape. The liner used in the making of this tape is the same as that of carton sealing packing tape. It’s the adhesive layer which is specifically formulated to ensure stickiness of the tape no matter how cold the temperature is.

Water activated packing tape

The carton sealing tape is a good choice in most of the situations. However, you may require added safety in certain circumstances. In those situations, you can use water activated packing tape. This tape is made of kraft paper and the adhesive layer only activates once it is wet.

When it dries, it bonds to the later the tape is attached to. The seal created as a result can only be broken by damaging the tape. This very characteristic makes the tape temper-evident.

Custom printed packing tape

Do you sell a product which needs to be promoted well through its packaging? Do you feel that the area occupied by the packing tape on the package of this product also needs to say something about your brand? That’s where you can use custom printed packing tape. It is the normal tape with a brand logo on its upper surface. This is the tape which can be used in a pattern to make your brand logo more prominent.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions Clothing Stores Can Consider

There is a huge competition going on in the clothing industry. While the main point about clothes is their quality and fitting, a lot depends upon how well they are being promoted. One of the aspects to talk about in this regard is the packaging. Clothing stores need to make sure that their customers are impressed by the looks of the packaging. Packaging is even more important for the online clothing stores.

In this era when consumers are quite concerned about the environment, it becomes important for the clothing brands to not only take care of the branding factor while packaging their clothes but also making sure that the packaging solution they use is ecofriendly.

Good news is that it is easy to go for the packaging solutions which do not only ensure better promotion of the clothing brands are also safe for the planet. Some of those solutions are worth mentioning here.

Eco-friendly mailers

For the shipping of clothes, one of the options that you can consider is the use of mailer envelopes. However, it can be tough pick the right kind of envelope given the fact that there are many to choose from, especially when you try to be eco-friendly with the product packaging.

In this scenario, you can pick eco-friendly mailers which are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Some of the enveloped include a percentage of recycled fiberglass, ensuring extra protection to the products in case any phase of shipping duration becomes harsher.

Custom tissue paper

Some clothing products are extra sensitive. Providing them an extra layer of security can be a difference between a damaged and an undamaged product. In this scenario, this extra layer of security may be based on a custom tissue paper. This tissue paper is ideal for the clothes and other products which are fragile and are in dire need of an extra layer of safety.

Since we are talking about the eco-friendly packaging options, the tissue paper to be used should be free of acid, lignin and sulfur. Such tissue paper will not only be sustainable but its biodegrading process will leave no impact on the environment.

Custom tape

Corrugated boxes have always been quite beneficial because they do not only protect the products while they are being shipped but they can also be reused after the product is removed from them. In order to secure the boxes, packing tape is used. Packing tape used in this regard is usually the plastic packing tape which is very difficult to reclaim.

However, the custom packing tape made of kraft paper can be of great advantage. This tape is water activated so there is no need to attach removable cover with the adhesive part of the tape. This tape can be recycled very easily and it doesn’t impact the environment either.

Food Packaging Using Corrugated

Denkstatt, a European sustainability solutions organization, conducted a research through which they discovered packaging to be the most essential component in order to avoid food waste. According to their claim, high quality packaging prevents spoilage of foods, ensures better quality, enhances shelf life and informs customers about the correct ways to store packaged food.

This research involved analysis of the samples from Austrian food retailers. The results from this research supported the claims by Denkstatt.Researchers discovered that small modifications in the package design led to the reduction of waste from 34% to 18% during the distribution of sirloin steak. And modification in the packaging of bread products reduced the waste from 11% to 0.8%.

Talking about the food packaging, the material that has been found best for ideal protection of food items is corrugated cardboard. A scientific research shows the capability of cardboard in stopping bacteria from spoiling the foods. According to University of Bologna corrugated containers can keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 3 days longer than other types of food packaging solutions. This research result led the researchers making calculated assumptions about the ability of corrugated cardboard materials to prevent bacterial interaction with the foods. Bacteria and other microorganisms get trapped in the fiber within the container. When they are trapped, they cannot reach water and other nutrients in the foods and, thus, die without affecting the foods.

Different teams of researchers are studying the impact of corrugated on foods. And the results they are getting are quite encouraging for the people who want to use this material for the food packaging. In other words, corrugated can be regarded as the smartest choice for the packaging of foods.

Apart from the capability to protect food items, corrugated cardboard is highly customizable. No matter what kind of food you want to package and ship to your customer, you can get the containers customized for your specific requirements.

Due to its structure, corrugated is considered highly durable and strong. In fact, it is one of the fittest outer packaging solutions to be considered for the lengthy shipping processes.

Sustainable Packaging Trends to Follow

Not very long ago, companies had been focusing on improving their products, brand image and customer experience in order to improve sales. However, the growing awareness about the impact of packaging waste on environment has pushed the companies to pay attention to this factor as well. It’s a good trend because the companies now have to pay attention to the reduction of packaging waste because it has become a marketing aspect.

In this scenario, it is worth talking about the sustainable packaging. Many of the companies are working to incorporate sustainable packaging solutions for their products. A few trends of sustainable packaging are worth mentioning in this regard.

Clear labeling

You have to make the packaging disposal instructions clear on the product. This label should tell the customers if you are claiming for any sustainable materials in the packaging. This better transparency can help your customers know about the right way of recycling or discarding the packaging after the product is used up.

Lightweight packaging

The concept of lightweight packaging has become quite popular. There are a number of benefits the lightweight packaging can provide; for instance, you will not need a lot of materials in order to produce the packages, the environmental impact from transportation of the packaging is reduced, and there is not going to be lots of waste materials being sent to the landfill.

Use of recyclable materials

If you want to make sure that the earth suffers from the least amount of impact of the packaging waste, you will have to pay attention to the use of recyclable materials in the manufacturing of product packaging. The materials you can consider using in this regard may include paper, shipping boxes and recyclable plastic. Before beginning with the production process, you will need to discuss the material options with your packaging manufacturer.

Edible packaging

Manufacturing of edible packaging is an entirely new and quite revolutionary concept. This concept focuses on eliminating the packaging waste entirely. The matter of fact is that many of the companies are working on this concept to create the product packaging.

Slimmer packages

It is not uncommon for the companies to use huge shipping boxes or packages for the smaller, sometimes tiny, products. The major disadvantage of this approach is that it leads to the creation of extra material which is definitely of no use. The easy way to deal with this issue is to use smaller packages for smaller products. You can go for the custom packaging in this regard.

Using Countertop Display Packaging to Boost Sales

Boosting sales is the most important thing for retailers. For this purpose, they have to make sure that their products are ready to make a statement. And role of boxes cannot be ignored in this regard.When it comes to boosting sales in a retail store, the type of packaging we need to talk about here is the display packaging.

A few ways you can boost your ecommerce sales with the help of countertop display packaging are worth mentioning in this regard.

Social media effect

If you want to make sure that countertop display packaging does the job at its best, you will have to take social media effect into consideration. Online shopping has changed the way people purchase things. If you want your product to make a statement, you will have to make sure that your product along with its packaging is able to attract the attention of your customers. Since customers do not pay attention to any product for more than a few seconds, you will have to insert this attraction to make the product convincing during this short span of time.

Focus on the environment conscious customers

Due to open access to information, customers are now more aware about the impact of packaging on environment. This knowledge has even started changing their purchasing decisions. It means that they are more like to buy a product which is packaged using environment-friendly materials.Most of the customers pick biodegradable boxes because those boxes pose no to very little threat to the environment.

Another trend in this regard is the sustainable packaging which involves used of the materials which make a package reusable. This packaging is aimed to provide consumers the benefit of reusing the product packaging even after the product is used up.

Premium packaging

Premium packaging is becoming the top trend for an indefinite period of time. The reason is that this packaging can attract consumers and compel them to make a purchase. It is all about representing your brand in the best way possible. Even if your product is great in terms of quality, people are going to purchase it only when you make it presentable through packaging. Premium packaging tends to help you in this regard.

Reliable supplier

If you want to dominate in the industry, you will have to find a reliable supplier. Reliable supplier can help you in the packaging and marketing of your product in the ideal ways.

Developing Ideal Packaging Strategy

When it comes to production and packaging, the tactical approach in operating can be beneficial only at a certain extent. This way, you can get success only in day-to-day operations. However, you will need to work on long-term goals if you want to achieve organizational success.

If you are running a packaging facility, you will have to assess how your operational capability can help you achieve long term organizational goals. For this purpose, you will have to make sure that you are working on a perfect packaging strategy.

The importance of packaging strategy

Large organizations have certain expectations and goals which need to be fulfilled in order to earn bigger revenues. In this scenario, working without a strategy is a perfect recipe of failure.

Organizations set goals and objectives that flow down from the top and help in setting up the packaging guidelines. It means that a type of product and the way it is manufactured are the factors which need to be considered during the packaging process.

So, if you want to develop the packaging strategy, you are going to have to take production and other factors into consideration. The factors that you will have to consider in this regard may include sustainability, efficiency and profitability.

Some basic steps towards the development of packaging strategy

Starting the strategic development, you will have to be ready to discover things related to your packaging business.You will have to make sure that both you and your team are fully familiarized with the organizational goals and mission. It is also important to keep an eye on the goals of individual stakeholders.

The next step is to learn about the current and future state of your industry. You will have to see how this industry operates. This step is important because it lets you see beyond your current state. And so, you will be able to develop a future centric strategy.

After working the above mentioned steps, you should be able to have thorough understanding about your organization’s position in the industry. That is where you will be able to fully strategize the packaging of your business.Here, a few things need to be taken into consideration.

  • Safety of the packaging is quite important. In this scenario, we are talking about the safety of your consumers and your workers on the floor.
  • Functionality of your packaging operations is another element to take into consideration. In this scenario, you will have to look at the technology and design that are important for you to meet your requirements.
  • Ease of use is the factor that needs to be considered when you are packaging your products.
  • Make sure that your packaging is promoting your brand.

Remember, the only way you can make your organization successful is to work on the long term goals. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on the short term goals. You need to stick to them as far as the day-to-day operations are concerned. But what’s more important here is that the short-term goals are helping you in achieving the bigger and long term goals.

Tips to Design Packaging Operations Solutions

In this age of e-commerce, packaging has turned into a process of convincing your customers about your brand. There is no doubt about the fact that primary focus of any packaging solution is to ensure the safety of product during the transit. However, this age of commercialization has made things quite challenging for the brands as they have to pay equal amount of attention to the branding factor along with the safety which a product packaging must ensure.

In this scenario, the key thing is to work with a supplier who understands your requirements. Remember, a packaging solution which works great for one company may not be useful for another company at all. This is what your suppliers need to be well aware of.

An ideal packaging solution needs to perform two basic functions, i.e. it needs to protect your product and it needs to serve as an important customer touch-point.

A few things that make your packaging solution ideal are worth mentioning here.

Form, fill, or preformed

You will have to select the right equipment. Form and fill equipment simultaneously forms and fills the bag with the product. This option is suitable for both vertical and horizontal equipment in order to suit a variety of packaging needs.

Preformed equipment, on the other hand, fills a ready container with the product.Valve bags, open mouth bags, boxes and pails are the examples in this regard.

Listen to your product

It doesn’t matter what you think is best. It is your product which determines the right feeding technique is would require to be filled in the bags. If your product has size variations, a belt feeder or vibratory tray is the ideal option you can consider. And if your product is dense and it flows freely like sugar, grains, or corn, gravity feeding is the solution that you can go for.

Be fast or be accurate

When it comes to design packaging options solutions, you can either be fast or accurate. However, it is not something like a comparison between a turtle and a hare. You will need to look at the packaging criteria associated with the packaging of your product. It will make it easy for you to understand maximum speed at which the operations remain accurate.

Don’t forget about your facility

While working on the perfect packaging operation solution, it becomes easier to forget about the facility in which the equipment operates. If your equipment doesn’t fit well in the facility or your employees are finding it hard to maintain their working efficiency, it will be not good for your business in general.