Tips To Create Subscription Boxes

It is an estimate that about 2 billion of people are going to shop online this year. And this number is expected to rise every year. The survey also tells that about 15% of those online shoppers sign up for subscription services. For those who do not know what a subscription service is, it is basically a recurring shipping of goods which are used on monthly basis. Shoppers sign up for these services to avoid the hassle of running to the stores or ordering on monthly for the products, which they are going to need every month.

With the rise of this service, it gets really important for the companies to use separate packaging for the subscription products. This is the reason that companies use subscription boxes. It is worth mentioning here that shipping of subscription products are running certain entire businesses. Some businesses offer a range of subscription products. And there are even startups who have developed their entire business models based on design, launch and fulfilling of subscription products.

In such scenarios, it becomes really important for the companies to work on the subscription packaging. Some tips to create subscription boxes are worth mentioning.

Proper planning

The planning phase involves making a decision about what your packaging needs to do and what it will take to come to life. Budget development is the very first thing to be done. Then you will need to decide about the type of protection your products are going to need. And lastly, you will need to decide about the unboxing experience that you want your customers to have. The unboxing experience is also associated with the type of materials you will need to use in the box.

You are going to need a budget

While making a budget for the subscription boxes falls under the planning phase, this part of the planning needs to be revisited with the changing needs. You are going to need a cash flow to meet your packaging needs. In the meantime, you will have to make sure that you are not going for low quality materials in an attempt to save money. Spend the money where it’s necessary but avoid overspending.

The timetable

Every aspect of your business takes time for its proper completion. For a successful business, you are going to have to have proper research and development; and this is what that shouldn’t be rushed. Remember, it is highly unlikely for you to come with an idea about the perfect subscription box in the first attempt. You might have to go through the design and packaging failures from the perspective of popularity of your packaging in order to reach something that your customers would love.But it shouldn’t mean that your first attempt should be lacking from any aspect. Do your homework well by proper research to get the proper design idea.

Right box

To pick the right box, you are going to have to keep in mind the product requirements. Make sure that the style of the box matches with the product which needs to be packed in the box. You will also have to decide whether the box needs to be of modern or natural look.

Optimize the box size

That’s where it gets really important for you to know your product well. Good think about the custom boxes is that you can get them prepared in just about any size. If you know the exact dimensions of your product, you will be able to get the box of accurate size prepared for the product. The best thing about right size is that it allows you to avoid overuse of the packaging supplies.

Designing and branding of the box

After you have worked on other aspects of the box, you will have to make sure that the box is designed well for the maximum benefit of your brand. You will have to keep into consideration the product, which you are going to pack in the box, as well as your brand. Your brand logo holds great value here. Moreover, you will need to use right coloring for the background.

Custom Packing Tape Vs. Regular Packing Tape

Having choices allows for variety, and variety, of course, is the spice of life. It makes everything fun, freeing, and of course interesting. Choices also can make things difficult, however, and when you’re looking to create custom orders with protective packaging that you need, one of the biggest choices is deciding, of course, the tape to use. Here, we’ll talk about the two different types of packaging tape, whether regular or custom and which is the better option for those who do a lot of packaging.

What is Packaging Tape 

Packaging tape, or packing tape, is the tape that you use on any box, or any goods, in order to help properly close and seal these. Unlike regular tape, or electrical tape, this stuff is very strong, will hold everything together despite jostles and bumps in transit, and in general makes sure that you get the product from point A, to point B. if you’re selling any goods, or if you’re someone who does a lot of shipping, then you need to supply yourself with packaging tape, or packing tape.

However, there are options. In this day and age, you have the custom packing tape or regular packing tape. You might wonder which is better for your business. Now that we’ve discussed what this is, let’s dive into whether one or the other is better, and what to consider with each of these.

Custom Vs. Regular Packaging Tape 

With custom tape, you’re literally getting tape that nobody else has, and it’s a way to secure shipments while also promoting your business. With custom packaging tape, you can put your logos, designs, or whatever, and it’s pretty cool. It is good for your brand’s reputation, and also will help with properly securing some of the different items that you have in order to prevent them from getting tampered or unsealed.

However, custom packaging tape does come with the downside. The downside o, you’re going to have to spend a little more money. You’ll need to get it from a specific company as well, and personally, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend that extra money, or doesn’t have a need for it, you can get just as much out of regular packaging tape as you could for the custom tape as well.

Now, in contrast, you have the regular packing tape, which is, of course, the packing tape you get from the hardware store or office supply company or even from Walmart, wherever you feel it is right for you. This is a utilitarian product, so you can use this and nothing else to secure the shipments in order to protect them. The costs are far less and more reasonable, and you can restock on packaging ape without having you wait for a time on this, and if someone on the custom printing end drops the ball somehow, you won’t have disgruntled customers. It’s nice because it requires less handholding and responsibilities from your end.

But, if you’re someone who has a brand, that can benefit from this type of packaging, I don’t’ really see the point in just using regularly. If your’e using branded boxes already, then packaging ape may not be ideal, but if you’re not, this is a good way to make your products and packaging stand out in its own way, and it’s a little bit cheaper than of course, custom packagings.

Now that you know about this, however, let’s take a moment to explore how you can get the most out of this, and some of the situations where custom packaging tape may work.

Not Enough Budget 

If your’e someone that is just starting out, that doesn’t have the clientele to justify that excessive packaging tape, then, by all means, get the regular. Sometimes in order to do the job and do it right, this is fine. If you’re someone who is still starting out,m and doesn’t feel like you need to label in great detail what your product is, or if you have other ways to show off your brand name, you can still use regular tape.

Trust me, people will still like this, and people will support it as long as you d the other things that are right to properly package your items.

Now, as you grow, you might get a lot of benefits out o changing your packaging, and if you have enough budget, that’s where packaging tape might benefit you.

Having Enough Budget 

So you’ve grown the company, and you feel like you have just enough budget to do this. You should start trying this. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to stay with it forever, but if you’re using kraft corrugated boxes, this is a great thing to implement into your boxes.

Now as a heads up, it does take a few things. You need a logo, artwork, or branding colors, and you need to place the order in. it also will take a little less time than other options, such as going to Walmart and getting some more. But, if you’re looking to add brand recognition to the products at hand, this is something that will protect and secure the shipments at hand and helps you get the most from it.

Having Plenty of Budget 

So you’ve built that name for yourself, and you have a ton of budget in order to have this type of product. Should you get custom packing tape? That’s up to you. You should plan out your custom packaging.

What’s the best place to throw a brand logo or even some of the colors and graphics that are there. If you have boxes that are fully printed already, then just stick with the regular packing tape. That way, your products don’t’ look too busy.

If you have custom color options, and you feel like it might work, then get the custom paper tape in order to bring out the entire packaging that’s there.

You should always try to explore and shop some of the packaging options that are there, and you should understand that you’ll never know when the inspiration will strike, so always be willing to experiment and play around with the packaging designers as you’re looking into this.

Now, you should always use your discretion on this. Figure out which packaging material will serve you the best.

If it comes down to I, look at which one will help you get the most out of it. For some people that already have the busy boxes, then you might be better off just using regular packaging tape. If you’re just using colored boxes, then the logo might be your better option. But, if you’re someone who is using regular old boxes, who could benefit from this, then you might want to consider custom printed tape. But of course, both of these have their pros and cons, so understand that.

When looking to better your packaging options, you can look at the tape. It’s a little less expansive than boxes since it requires a little fewer materials, but it also does require you to look for options. However, both are great for building a business and are worth checking out as you feel necessary.

Tips To Ensure Success in A DIY Move

Moving is inevitable like death and taxes for most of the people. Moving from one home to another is a time consuming task. You are going to have plan, execute and cleanup. Due to the level of difficulty involved in the process of moving, most of the people prefer hiring moving companies because they get the job done in an efficient manner. But this option is not a very cost effective one for most of the people. This is the reason that a lot of people consider going with the option of DIY move.

Now, it is worth mentioning here that a DIY move is never a convenient one. There are the pieces of serious puzzle that need to be arranged. But with clear thinking and proper planning, the entire process becomes quite convenient. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways you can ensure success in a DIY move.

Start quite early

Moving is going to take a lot of time; and it is going to be more than what you may be thinking. Typically, it is ideal to start preparations 4-6 months before the moving day.And if you have to shut down the utilities, you need at least 8 weeks.

This is the time in which you have to plan everything to accomplish the move successfully. You will need to allocate budget for packaging supplies. The moving checklist is going to be a longer one. Therefore, it is quite essential to start working on that checklist well ahead of time.

Clean, organize and downsize

You might be surprised with the amount of items you have in your home.You only get to know about the existence of this much bulk when you plan on moving because that’s when you have to count and organize everything. And that’s the time when you get the opportunity to decide what to keep and what to sell or discard. A few weeks ahead of the moving day, you can stage a garage sale to sell of the items which you think you are not going to need in the new home.You can even consider giving away those items in charity.

Never skimp on packing supplies

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home.Moving house.

Remember, packing is the most important and major task in the entire process of moving. After you have decided about the items which you are taking with you to the next home, you have to make sure that you pack them well. For this purpose, it is quite important to get enough packing supplies to ensure proper packing of everything.

First you will have to get as many moving boxes as you can. Of course you are going to have to calculate regarding the number of boxes that you are going to require. Based on the types of items that you are moving, you will have to get appropriate cushioning supplies.

Pack a bag of essentials

You are not going to want to unpack anything in the first day after you have moved to your new home. You will just want to head to the bed and sleep. But then, there are many items which you are going to need. These are the essential items which include clothes, toiletries, oral hygiene products, and personal hygiene items. You can pack these items in a separate bag which you can name as ‘essentials bag’.

Color code everything

If possible, visit the home you are about to move to ahead of time and attach the color tags with the doors and entry points. Note down what color has been given to a particular area. You can use that information while packing your items for the moving. You can attach color codes to the boxes to make it easier for you to bring the boxes to the exact areas they belong to.

Rent a moving truck

Since it is a DIY move, we are talking about managing everything on your own. To move your items, you are going to have to hire a moving truck. You will have to count and calculate the boxes. That will help you determine the area required by the boxes in the truck. This information can help you go for the truck of right size.

Moving truck Tetris

The area inside the moving truck is quite big but it is still a limited area. If you are not placing the boxes in the right way, you might run out of the space. That’s where you need to think of the process of placing boxes in the truck as a game of Tetris. You can literally get to work the family members who love to play Tetris.

While placing the boxes, you have to make sure that you are placing the box tightly but they shouldn’t be too tight. To protect furniture, you are going to have to use the padding. And while loading the items, load the heavy items first.

Businesses That Have Taken Customization to the Next Level

Manufacturing has turned out to be the biggest and one of the most important industries in the world. It doesn’t only help businesses thrive but it is capable of making the economies, on a national scale, grow. Extensive research and development have helped the manufacturing processes to become more cost effective, faster, streamlined and scalable. And the best thing is that the manufacturing process has become more accessible to the small businesses.

With this access to the manufacturing process, companies are now able to work on different innovations. Some companies have even started working on the personal customization to entertain their customers in a better way.

In this article, we are going to talk about the businesses that have up their game in personal customization in manufacturing and packaging of products.

Custom Heats

Hot sauce is loved by majority of people. However, most of those people often wonder about the missing factor that would have made the sauce in their hands a perfect sauce.

Well, you can now make that sauce perfect. You can create your own flavored hot sauce with the help of Custom Heats. You can go with the spicy, sweet or any savory options of your preference while creating the sauce. First, you are going to have to select a sauce base. Then you will need to make a pepper choice. And then, you will need to select ingredients from a list of 70 ingredients. There are endless combinations of ingredients that you can make.

Function of Beauty

The hair types are different in different people. It may be thick or thin, full or flat, and oily or dry. In this scenario, using the same shampoo and conditioner doesn’t make sense. This is where you can consider Function of Beauty.

This brand sends you a quiz about the type of hair you have. There are several questions through the company tends to know everything about your hair and scalp. They even ask about the fragrance and color of your choice. And the best thing is that you are asked to suggest the name for the personal hair care formula.


Although the mass-manufacturing of clothing focuses on serving the larger population, not everyone can say that they have got something that fits on them perfectly. That is due to the fact that everyone’s body type is different.

In this scenario, UNTUCKit has come up with a wonderful idea to introduce a size and fit system for the shirts they prepare for their customers.This system takes into consideration the height, body type, and fit preference of the customers.

The Packaging Company

The basic trend followed by packaging manufacturers mainly focuses on the customers’ preferences. It has made it quite difficult for the brands to stand out. But this is also the fact that smart packaging designs are able to draw attention even if they are not trendy. This is what The Packaging Company believes in. They produce packaging designs for the brands. This way, the brands can easily make their packaging designs their tools of marketing.