Packaging Strategies that Are Costing You Money

Product packaging is very important, and if your product packaging isn’t the best, it could be costing you a bunch of money. To help your brand continue to shine on, here are some product packaging mistakes that are costing money, and how you can remedy this.

First, there is lack of package testing. This is in the form of getting a product and finding out that the packaging was damaged before you even opened it. This is because of production error, and the package wasn’t protecting the products.  This can happen due to crushing, by environmental aspects, and it wasn’t subjected to testing before being put on the shelf. This can cost you a lot of business however, so you should minimize the chances for this occurring with your packaging as well. Testing this with the design is very important, so make sure that you’re doing that as well.

Next is of course outdated packaging. If you’re not keeping up with the current trends, you’re going to lose out on money. Keep an eye out on the buying habits of customers, and make sure that your packaging does stand up to the target market.  If your competition is upgrading their packaging to increase the usability, you’re behind on this. the more research that you do, the more you’ll find benefit within the product, and of course the more informed you are when making packaging strategies that will work. Can you be the trend-setter that you want to be? Of course pay attention to the shapes, colors, textures, and the like.  Look to see if you can convey all of that in your product, and whether they speak with the brand and the customers. Find this alignment, and you’ll do well with it.

Then there is using the wrong specifications for the film. This can impact the costs. Shrink film is of course priced by two things, width and gauge, so a thicker film gauge of course has a higher cost level than the lower gauges. The increased cost isn’t felt just with the film itself, but also in packaging. In addition to the larger price tag for this, the heavier the gauge, the longer it will take to seal properly. This will make the machinery wear much faster, and it’ll require much more maintenance. The thinner, stronger shrink films will have the same strength and durability, so if you can splurge on that, do so.

It’s worth checking out some of the gauged film and to run some tests to see if you need to change things to reduce the packaging costs.  You should make sure however that the lower film gauge does create the proper protection before you dive in. lower film gauge can positively impact the costs of the material and the maintenance, while also giving you energy savings but t won’t do much for you if the packaging protection is compromised.

Finally, there is preventative maintenance.  You should definitely make sure not to skip this, since it’ll help with making sure that everything is kept in place. It’s very easy to dismiss this unfortunately, but the thing is, you’re about to lose out on a ton of money if you do this. when things get challenging, if you’re not doing preventative actions on this, it’ll ultimately cost you if something goes awry.  So, make sure that you do it, and you make sure that you get the most out of this. by doing so, you’ll prevent the worst from happening, and ensure that you’re getting the proper results from this as well.

Doing all of this will prevent your packaging from going to pot, and to make sure you’re getting the most out of this you can.

Pros and Cons of Shrink Wrapping Single-Item Produce

Shrink wrapping produce might seem strange, but in this day and age, this is definitely something more and more people are considering. With the rampage of COVID-19 hitting many people, a lot of reusable bags, containers, and films aren’t being used. Single-plastic means are now an alternative to help prevent the spread of this.

There are pros and cons to this however, and we’ll highlight the benefits of both.

Pros of Such

There is some benefit to shrink wrapping foods. For starters, it can save lives, but also save you a lot of money.  For a lot of people, they don’t realize just how much of an impact this can be, but a cough, even one that’s meant to be innocuous, can cost you thousands of dollars.

When they’re not single-wrapped, that means that it all has to be thrown away, instead of a few wayward items. This is a big difference and can help save you a lot of money.

It also blocks the contaminants from your products. This is a good way to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of the virus. Shrink wrap food blocks these contaminants from the surface, so it’s actually much safer to use this type of plastic on your foods.

Finally, it protects the products from air.  Air is still in grocery stores, and there is a potential for infection and contamination even in a perfectly-cleaned grocery store. Shrink wrapping food will help prevent this. By reducing it, you’re giving customers a safer shopping experience.

It also helps reduce the amount of weight loss, so it will help with you earning more money. It also works to maintain freshness too for far longer, which is of course a major advantage.

What are the downsides then? Read on to find out.

Cons of it

There are a few downsides to this. It’s not perfect, but it might be a better solution.

For starters, there will be more plastic found in streams, rivers, waterways, and oceans of course. This also means that there might be major pollution in our landfills. The influx of this can complicate this too. We already have a lot of plastic in our world, but it certainly won’t do us much good if we continue to contribute to that.

However, it is recyclable. So as long as people recycle it, and the companies can work to encourage infrastructure, there is a chance that you could make this work.  It does require some initiatives however, and those are mandated by the EPA. The problem with that of course, is that in the middle of a crisis, this is probably the last thing they’re going to be worrying about.

But, with the benefits that are there, it certainly can help you immensely. Shrink film is a good thing to have, and it’s something you should consider. If you’re going to be using shrink wrap, you should find a vendor who can help you with your packaging essentials. Find a fee vendors, and from there do your research before you choose the company that’ll fit the shrink film solutions.

You can always talk to packaging experts too in order to help you figure out the best way for you to get your shrink wrap, and to figure out if it’s right for you. In our world, it might be a necessity, and worth checking out if needed.