How To Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Product packaging has transformed into a marketing medium, aside from being a way to protect the products during shipping. Your package doesn’t only have to survive a harsh journey, but it also has to make an impact that is strong enough to turn your first-time customer into a recurring one.

The role of the unboxing experience is significant in this regard. The concept of unboxing has prevailed much in the current times due to a rise in the use of social media. Many people who can propagate their opinions about different products make unboxing videos, in which they dig through different packaging layers to uncover the product. These videos have given packaging companies a decent idea of how to develop product packaging to amaze their customers at every level of the unboxing process.

In this article, we will talk about how you can ensure a decent unboxing experience.


If you believe in the power of word of mouth marketing, you can consider using inserts during the packaging of your products. The most notable outcome of this approach is the loyalty, which those inserts tend to develop in your customers.

Hand-written inserts have more impact than printed ones. The best approach to prepare such inserts is to print a template on a couple of hundreds of cards that you want to use as inserts. You can write a short message on those inserts when packaging the product.

Printed boxes or mailers

Getting printed boxes seems an expensive affair, but you can work on different alternatives to avoid breaking your bank. For instance, you can prepare a custom stamp for packaging boxes and mailers. Using that stamp on those mailers will not be a difficult task. You can ‘print’ a couple of hundred boxes this way in an hour.

You may also creatively use standard stamps to develop patterns that look good. You may also use roller stamps to create consistent and continuous design patterns.


One of the coolest tricks to impress your customers with your packaging is the right use of colors. You may want to skip the printed box and, instead, go for a box with a color that represents your brand. Different varieties of boxes also include a wide range of colors. You can pick one that matches your brand nicely.

Aside from the boxes, you can also get colored insert cards and other materials to improve the unboxing experience further. You can place these items at strategic spots inside the package.

Unusual materials

The use of fancy ribbons and luxe papers is tempting, but it might not be a budget-friendly option for many. The smart use of lower-cost materials can also make a similar impact. Materials that you can consider using this regard may include:

  • Wallpaper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Butcher paper
  • Twine
  • Old hiking maps
  • Yarn or wool

If you want to get an idea regarding how to use these materials to make the inside of your package more attractive, you may want to explore images on Pinterest.