All About Tamper Evident Packaging

Tamper evident packaging is a safety and awareness factor in the industry. It features strong materials that will keep products inside, and it will also alert anyone of foul play. But what is it? Well, it’s essentially defined as a packaging have different indicators of breaches of entry that, if they’re missing, it will show that tempering has happened. This will prevent the product from being messed with and will help ensure freshness of this as well.

So what are the benefits? Well, aside from the obvious that they keep the product as fresh and of the highest quality possible, it also allows for the product to be much stronger and contained in a safer manner. From those induction seal liners to blister packs, these packaging options are great and help with keeping the product safe. If they’re messed with, the customer will then know not to use it, so it helps keep everything safer for everyone.

Close up of a human hand opening the tamper evident flap of a cardboard box. Focus on thumb area.

Some popular examples include the shrink bands, which are secured over ice cream lids, and usually, you have to cut or tear those off. If you see it’s been cut off or missing, then you’re looking at something that’s been tampered with.

Jarred foods and canned foods are another examples. They essentially have these security lids that when you do open them, they make a super loud popping noise. If you don’t hear the pop, chances are the product has been super compromised, so you shouldn’t be using it.  Do remember that when you’re choosing something.

They also are used for tapes to secure things. If you notice the tape is taken off, then it’s been messed with.

So what are the drawbacks? Well for one, these packaging endeavors can also make it harder to open up, and usually, it can be a bit problematic for users. Wrap rage is something that some people suffer from, and they will choose other products over yours if it’s too hard to open up. Tamper evident packaging is good, but the problem is, they tend to be a lot harder to open than other products, and people may struggle with them, so remember that.

It also has issues on the environmental levels as well. Lots of times, these are harder to recycle, and often they end up in landfills. But, more companies are becoming aware, and concerns are being made regarding these so it can showcase the impact of this on the environment.  Nowadays, more and more tamper-evident packaging has a means to make it easier to see if there has been tampering, and it’s good for the environment too since they’re fully recyclable. Lots of companies are jumping on that so they can provide quality to their customers, while also preventing any tampering that might happen.

This is one of the newest and best things that can happen, and if you’re looking to easily, and without fail, get the most out of this, you certainly can with this type of packaging.